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For over twenty years, Avatar Events Group has been the first name associated with the back line industry in the Southeast.

Avatar Events Group was first established as Moonshine Backline in 1994 by the partnership of two longtime friends, both already well seasoned musicians. As times changed and the client roster grew, the name of the company was changed from Moonshine Backline to what everyone knows the company by today:Avatar Events Group.

The same objective holds true today as when the company first started: Avatar Events Group is committed to providing each client with top quality backline gear at the best and most competitive pricing.

Avatar Events Group has an ever expanding inventory of gear. In house, Avatar Events Group has hundreds of amps, drums and keyboards. Avatar Events Group features both the latest equipment from top brand manufacturers along with the most requested pieces of gear in the industry.

From festivals to clubs, from corporate shows to church stages, Avatar Events Group has the backline gear and experienced staff to make the event what it should be, all about the performance and the music that is created.

That’s why Avatar Events Group started and why the company thrives today, the musician and the music.

 What Could Be Better Than Avatar?


Backline is an umbrella term that covers all of the musical equipment used by a band. This includes amplifiers and speaker cabinets (for bass, guitar, and keyboard), dj turntables and mixers, keyboards, drum kits, percussion pieces, guitars, and bass guitars. It also includes all cabling and accessories for the listed pieces, including keyboard stands, guitar stands, music stands, pedals, benches, etc. Feel free to contact a sales representative to inquire about any specific gear that you need! Backline does NOT include sound equipment, such as speakers, PA systems, monitor boards, microphones, etc.
We have a large inventory that includes all of the industry’s top brands. Pioneer, Rane, Yamaha, Fender, Hammond, Korg, Roland, Ampeg, Marshall, Mesa, SWR, Orange, Aguilar, GK, DW, Gretsch, Ludwig, Mapex, Pearl, Tama, Taylor, and more! If there is a specific piece that you’re looking for, feel free to call or email one of our sales representatives.
Avatar can deliver your rental for an additional fee.  In-town deliveries lie within the circle of 285 and are charged a set amount. Out-of-town deliveries are charged by mileage. Give us a call at (404)589-9450 to discuss how Avatar can get your rental to you!
If you need backline equipment for your show or event, renting from Avatar is quick and easy! You can simply send an email with the artist’s rider or gear list, rental dates, and any important show information over to any of our sales associates.
We accept personal/company checks and all major credit cards at Avatar Events Group. Wire transfers can be arranged if necessary. Unfortunately, we do not accept debit cards or cash for payment. If you want to pay for your order in advance with a credit card, you can download a copy of our Credit Card Authorization Form here.
If you’re looking for a daily rental, tour rehearsals, pre-production or the perfect place to showcase a band, the “King Room” at Avatar Events Group is just the space you need. Give us a call at 404-589-9450 to inquire about pricing and availability. Please take a moment and review the “King Room” policy here
We are located at: 503 Amsterdam Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30306 Hours of operation The office and shop are open Monday-Friday from 10am until 6pm. Please contact a sales associate if you need to schedule a pickup or drop off during the weekend or after hours.
We are always on the lookout for experienced techs who want to join the Avatar family. If you’re interested in joining our team, please email a copy of your resume to Brittany@avatareventsgroup.com.

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Kenny Cresswell

Kenny Cresswell

Co-Owner / Head of Operations / Head of Sales View Details
Ted Lathangue

Ted Lathangue

General Manager View Details
Brittany Fuller

Brittany Fuller

Office Manager / Sales Representative View Details
Kenny Cresswell

Kenny Cresswell

Co-Owner / Head of Operations / Head of Sales
Ted Lathangue

Ted Lathangue

General Manager
Brittany Fuller

Brittany Fuller

Office Manager / Sales Representative
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